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Design-Build Commercial Contractor Brighton | Brivar Construction - page-design-buildAt BRIVAR, we believe that the Design-Build method, where one firm assumes full responsibility for all aspects of the project including design, engineering and construction, works best for most projects, especially when fast project delivery and budget control are primary concerns. BRIVAR can utilize the Design-Build construction delivery process for any type of project including, commercial, industrial, retail, medical, projects over 100,000 square feet, and more. By choosing BRIVAR to be your full service Design-Build commercial construction contractor, you have one point person to streamline communication and take full responsibility of the project, from concept to post-construction.

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How is a Design-Build Contractor Different Than a General Contractor?

General Contractors are only responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the job site, managing the sub-contractors and vendors, and facilitating communications between everyone involved with the construction of a given project. Design-Build Contractors have the additional responsibility of creating the design or hiring and managing the architect. BRIVAR offers both General Contracting and Design-Build services for any building, large and small. 

Choose Design-Build Construction with BRIVAR and Get Peace of Mind

Whether you are just starting out, moving operations, or expanding your current operation, BRIVAR is here for you. Choosing BRIVAR over other local Design-Build contractors means choosing a partner who will listen to you and ask the right questions; designing and constructing a cost-effective building that supports your needs, operations and growth. We never over-promise or under-deliver. We keep our clients informed and our projects on schedule and on budget. If you aren’t familiar with our work, please take a moment to explore our favorite projects in SE Michigan. If you know the BRIVAR name, you know our reputation for providing outstanding service and constructing high-quality buildings for our clients.

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