Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

BRIVAR is SE Michigan’s Authorized Dealer for Varco Pruden (VP) Buildings

Cost Effective and Built to Spec 

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings - Brivar Construction Co - page-pre-engineeredVarco Prudent is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB's).

For industrial and commercial properties, pre-fabricated PEMB’s are designed by the manufacturer to meet your building’s specifications. BRIVAR works with the client, the architect, the local building code official and Varco Pruden ensure a proper and efficient build is completed on time and on budget.  

PEMB’s offer clients many benefits that traditional buildings do not, such as:

  • Time Savings – PEMB’s can be quickly quoted, designed, manufactured and built compared to traditional construction of structural steel and/or masonry bearing.

    In a real time crunch? VP offers “Fast Track” projects which can be manufactured and delivered in as little as four (4) weeks. These buildings range in size from just a few thousand square feet to almost 200,000 square feet. Fast Track projects can still be customized to meet our customer’s needs.
  • Energy Savings: PEMB’s offer insulated wall and roof systems which significantly reduce energy costs. VP also offers Translucent Daylighting in various options to allow natural sunlight to penetrate the building, saving you money on lighting bills, while still remaining weather tight.
  • Cost Savings: Because of their streamlined design, manufacturing and delivery processes, PEMB’s can offer a savings of up to 30% compared to traditional buildings. Due to the types of material and construction, maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.
  • Column Free Enclosures: PEMB’s offer the architect the option of designing large, open floor plans. This makes them ideal for industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, airplane hangars and sports or entertainment facilities.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Can Be Beautiful

PEMB’s have come a long way since their inception. Many architects choose PEMBs to create the framing or skeleton of the building and finish it with a variety of facades like masonry, metal, stucco, wood, glass and more. In fact, with the flexibility of PEMB structures and roofing, quite often it’s difficult to spot a PEMB from the outside. BRIVAR can help you determine if a pre-fabricated metal building is the best solution for your time frame, your budget and your building.

PEMB’s can be configured to meet almost any customer’s market, including but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Distribution
  • Municipal
  • Religious
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage
  • Recreational
  • Retail
  • Educational/Academic/Institutional
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings - Brivar Construction Co - vp-logoTo see if a Varco Pruden pre-engineered metal building is the right choice for you, contact us today!