Full Service Commercial Contractor in SE Michigan

We all expect the same things when we choose a vendor: superior expertise, demonstrated quality, unfailing integrity, absolute reliability and affordability.

When the vendor is the builder responsible for creating the space that will put a public face on your business, these qualities become even more crucial.

At BRIVAR, the basics are a given. The right equipment, dedicated craftspeople, and creative solutions are our starting point. Our end goal is to exceed your expectations and to ensure your total satisfaction.

We realize that is easy to say and difficult to do. That’s why we have spent years defining and redefining our building process to the point where it’s nearly a science. We’ll predict delays before they happen, anticipate the unexpected before it interferes with your schedule and address every challenge personally, quickly and professionally. The BRIVAR Design/Build process is key to the success of your next building project!

Our proprietary Steps to Success for a Building Project (PDF) and unique Design/Build offering are but a few ways we’ve simplified the sometimes, complex task of creating a new space for your business.  BRIVAR is also an award-winning builder of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) which offer many unique benefits and options to our clients.