Who We Are

BRIVAR Construction Company is very simply the fulfillment of a dream, much as watching your own new building take shape may be the fulfillment of your dream.

BRIVAR Construction Company was established in 1988. Our goal was to establish BRIVAR Construction Company as a viable alternative to typical commercial construction firms. Our desire is and always has been to design and build attractive, functional spaces that our customers can be proud of.

As the years have gone by, our mission to provide better, faster, less expensive ways to build has remained the cornerstone of our company. If anything, as we’ve grown we have sharpened our focus on providing personalized attention and unmatched design/build expertise.

BRIVAR is mid-sized by choice. We made the decision early on that we would grow large enough as a company to provide exemplary service in every phase of a customer’s project, yet remain small enough to allow the two of us to provide a high level of personal attention to every project.

We’re living our dream. And we’re gratified to say that we’ve helped many happy customers realize theirs. Isn’t it time to see your dream space take shape?

Craig Stockard, President

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