BRIVAR is Changing the Way Southeast Michigan Builds

In plain terms, BRIVAR builds better. 

About - Brivar Construction Co - image-content-constructionYour project will move through two phases under our care. The first phase is Programming and the second is Project Execution. Throughout the entire life of your project there are some qualities, services and standards of performance that you can expect from BRIVAR Construction. 


With BRIVAR heading up your project, you can expect:

  • Single Point of Contact (Design/Build) – BRIVAR is fully responsible for all aspects of design and construction of the project.
  • Your Participation – You, the architect and BRIVAR make up the team that works together from day one of the project.
  • Value-Added Engineering – Our deep knowledge and expertise is put to work early in the design process, resulting in lower construction costs.
  • Budget Guarantee – BRIVAR establishes the project budget early in the design process, and guarantees the maximum project cost prior to starting construction.
  • Quality Assurance – BRIVAR’s Total Quality Management (TQM) program ensures subcontractor and employee adherence to our quality standards-among the highest in the industry.
  • Ownership – One of BRIVAR’s owners will be the Principal-In-Charge of your project.
  • Demonstrated Performance – BRIVAR has been exceeding customers’ expectations since 1988.

We Work with Your Team to Ensure Your New Facility Meets Your Business Objectives

We’re a full service Design/Builder, but that’s only a part of the picture. And, only a part of the reason you can count on BRIVAR to help you create the perfect facility to meet your business objectives.

BRIVAR has developed a foolproof, step-by-step process to help you determine the best way to reach your business goals by creating a space that meets your business functions, space needs, location, budget and schedule. 

BRIVAR also acts as a development firm. We offer options that run-of-the-mill construction companies can’t match, such as local partnerships. Our innovative “partnership” approach allows customers to proceed with building projects that might be impossible otherwise.

  • We work closely with Brokers to help you find land or an existing space.
  • We offer flexible ways to finance your new space, such as lease, purchase, or lease with option to purchase plans.

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BRIVAR Construction Company is very simply the fulfillment of a dream, much as watching your own new building take shape may be the fulfillment of your dream.

BRIVAR Construction Company was established in 1988. The goal was to establish BRIVAR Construction Company as a viable alternative to typical commercial construction firms. Our desire is and always has been to design and build attractive, functional spaces that our customers can be proud of.

As the years have gone by, our mission to provide better, faster, less expensive ways to build has remained the cornerstone of our company. If anything, as we’ve grown we have sharpened our focus on providing personalized attention and unmatched Design/Build expertise.

BRIVAR is mid-sized by choice. We are large enough as a company to provide exemplary service in every phase of a customer’s project, yet remain small enough to allow us to provide a high level of personal attention to every project.

We’re gratified to say that we’ve helped many happy customers realize their dreams. Isn’t it time to see your dream space take shape?

Craig Stockard, President

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